The professional role of mediator is to design, to program, to develop and evaluate necessary things for labor inclusion keeping in mind all of workers and business characteristics and also employing appropriate strategies to develop their autonomous and to maintain the job. The mediator is going to coordinate this with the Foundation. Mediator functions are the following:

1. Pick up the appropriate position of workers with intellectual disabilities into business.

2. Design with the business help functions and tasks to workers profile.

3. Make a personal plan:

-Detect natural supports in this environment.

-Find another supports and adjustments.

4. Train the worker and adapt him/ her to the position of job and monitoring about the labor inclusion and development in business.

5. Coordinate with business contacts’ and managers.

6.Tell the families the evolution and labor development.

7. Participate in Annual Development Plan of business and workers with intellectual disabilities into approach objectives , development and evaluation of them.

8. Attend to business and workers with intellectual disabilities requests, organization, activities , conflict solutions, direction, etc.

9. Detect any variation of workers dynamic and find solutions.

10. Continuous monitoring along worker labor life.