El nuevo Programa Empresa. Nuevo proyecto de la Fundación Prodis dirigido a jóvenes con discapacidad intelectual.

Madrid October 2014.- The Enterprise Program is the new project from Prodis Foundation targeting young people with intellectual disabilities who have completed their studies at the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid or other universities. It is a completely new program and is aimed at those who want to receive expert training in the workplace. The Foundation aims to provide more specialized training, involving the entreprise as an training agent. And is this the most important distinguishing characteristic, prominent business professionals form part of the teaching team. This will be a great enrichment for both young people and businesses.

The course started in October and is taught in the facilities generously provided by Gmp Fundación, Centro Empresarial Parque Norte.

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Crónicas “La vida en Down”. Programa CRÓNICAS de TVE ha dedicado su espacio a las personas con síndrome de Down.

Last September 25th , ‘ Stories’, the TVE’s News Services, which provides information on what is happening around us, especially life stories, dedicated a spot for people with the Down syndrome.
‘Life in Down’ is the title of this report which had the participation of Javier Lopez Aranda Robles, one of the young men of the 8th Promentor programme, and which was carried out in collaboration with the University of Madrid. The documentary had participants of all ages, who referred to the social and labour integration they have achieved in recent years.
TVE broadcast an informative abstract that same day at 9 pm, in their spot called ‘Focusing’.
The Prodis Foundation would like to thank the whole team of Stories and news services of RTVE.

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